Kashmir Premier League Draft 2022

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With a grand launch, the countdown to the first edition of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL 2022) began. In Kashmir Premier League draft 2022 Players are finalized. KPL Schedule 2022 is announced.

All six franchise owners participated in the draft event including the teams’ think tanks. All in a bid to select the most balanced team which would qualify for the inaugural title of the Kashmir Premier League.


Date and Schedule

The KPL Draft Event was held on 21st July at the Tulip Banquet in the national capital Islamabad. 

Cricket Draft Time

Guests began arriving at 5:30 PM for the red carpet event, which included some well-known names in different fields. 

Speakers at the event included the president of KPL, Mr. Arif Malik. 

Seven KPL franchises picked their respective teams at the event. All the team owners consulted industry professionals including coaches, former cricketers, and other professionals. They were all trying to get the best combination of team members, and a team that could win the inaugural title.

Muzaffarabad Tigers, Overseas Warriors, Rawalakot Hawks, Kotli Lions, Mirpur Royals, Jammu Janbaz, and Bagh Stallions are among the teams participating.

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Pakistan KPL Draft System

The legendary Waseem Akram (Vice President of KPL), Shahid Afridi (Brand Ambassador), Shoaib Malik, Saeed Ajmal, Umar Gul, Umar Amin, Abdul Razzaq, and Inzamam ul Haq graced the event with their presence. 

Honorable guests shared their thoughts with the media upon arrival and showed excitement about Kashmir’s new cricket league and how it would represent Kashmir.

Tamoor Ali Khan, Director of Cricket Operations of the KPL, delivered a welcome address. In his speech, he said that the Young Talent in Kashmir would be promoted internationally. 

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First to speak to the audience was KPL Vice President Wasim Akram. Shahid Afridi, the living legend and brand ambassador for KPL.

They both emphasized the importance of the Kashmir Peace Line among the efforts to better and prosper Kashmir. A lot of praise and admiration went to KPL management for this huge initiative.

Senator Faisal Javed and Shehryar Khan Afridi, chair of the Parliamentary Committee for Kashmir, congratulated the management on this groundbreaking initiative. The KPL was endorsed by the government, which provided continuous support to the league at every stage.

Soon after, each franchise began its players’ auction, and all six teams picked players in the different categories such as Overseas, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Emerging.

What Organizers Said:

“The league is designed to provide the young Cricket talent of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) with a quality platform through which they can showcase their skills to the world. The involvement of Pakistani international players assists in raising the community spirit among the people of AJK,” the organizers said in a statement.

“It will also provide global recognition to the culture of the region bestowed with natural magnificence and landscapes in addition to the proliferation of sports in the region, letting us promote tourism in the region and encouraging international and national stakeholders to invest in the region,” .

the statement added

KPL 2022 Draft Pick Order

Players with huge names in international cricket have all been selected in Overseas Warrior. Herschell Gibbs’ especially Pick of overseas warriors creates more interest in KPL.

All Pakistani Stars including shahid Afridi Wassem Akram Inzaman and many more come there and give excellent support to the Kashmiri people and Kashmir Premier League.

KPL 2022 Draft Pick Order

KPL Draft Season 2

It has four categories of players, all of whom have a big name in cricket. Every owner, therefore, selects their favorite team based on the rules. All teams have now begun to select their squad’s 2022 draft.

KPL 2022 Complete List of Players

Here is the KPL players complete draft, results, and All Teams Squad 2022

Kashmir Premier League Gold Category Draft-KPL Gold Players List

In Gold Catagory many awesome and talented names come on screen every team picks their best and ready themselves for a league. The gold category includes All rounder mostly.

NoGold Category Player NameTeam Name
1Salman IrshadMirpur Royals
2Danish AzizRawalakot Hawks
3Arshad IqbalMuzzafarabad Tigers
4Rohail NazirBagh Stallions
5M.Musa KhanOverseas Warriors
6Imran Khan SrKotli Lions
NoGold Category Player NameTeam Name
1Waqas MaqsoodRawalakot Hawks
2Zeeshan AshrafMuzzafarabad Tigers
3Mohammad IlyasBagh Stallions
4Akif JavedKotli Lions
5Amad ButtMirpur Royals
6Haris SohailOverseas Warriors

Kashmir Premier league Diamond Category Draft- KPL Diamond Players List

KPL announced a fabulous collection of Diamond Category and many big names like Sohail Khan, Ahmed Shahzad were selected for this season. Talented players and sixers players include in the diamond category.

NoDiamond Category Players nameTeam Name
1Umaid Asif/Iftikhar AhmedBagh Stallions
2Sohail KhanOverseas Warriors
3Mohammad Waseem Jr/ Sohaib MaqsoodMuzzafrabad Tigers
4Usman Kadir/Asif AliKotli Lions
5Mohammad IrfanMirpur Royals
6Ahmed ShahzadRawakot Hawks
7Azam KhanOverseas Warriors
8Hussain TalatRwalakot Hawks
9Khusdil ShahMirpur Royals

Kashmir Premier League Platinum Catagory Draft- KPL Platinum Players List

Many fast bowlers were announced in the Platinum category and all of them already play for Pakistan and even in Pakistan super league. Now for KPL 2022, these all are ready. Kashmir Premier League draft 2022 and KPL Draft Season 2 Having Big Platinum Category.

NoPlatinum Category PlayersTeam Names
1Mohammad HusnainRawalakot Hawks
2Haider AliOverseas Warriors
3Sharjeel KhanMirpur Royals
4Sohail TanveerMuzzafarabad Tigers
5Kamaran AkmalKotli Lions
6Shan MaqsoodBagh Stallions

Kashmir Premier League Overseas Category Draft KPL- KPL Overseas Players List

The Smartest and most experienced category of KPL 2022 is the Overseas Category and all international players are named here. Some big names like Phil Mustard, and Herschell Gibbs, are picks by Smartly Owners.

NoOverseas Category Player NameTeam Names
1Herschell GibbsOverseas Warriors
2Phil MustardBagh Stallions
3Matt PriorRawakot Hawks
4Owais ShahMirpur Royals
5Tillakaratne DilshanMuzzafarabad Tigers
6Monty PanesarKotli Lions

Silver Category Draft KPL 2022- KPL Silver Players List

In the Silver Category, Many hard hitters and young Pakistan stars pick by Kashmir team owners. Most of them already play Pakistan cricket as international players. Mukhtar Ahmed is one of them.KPL Draft Season 2 has excellent having in Silver Catagory.

NoSilver CategoryPlayerTeam Names
1Zafar GoharRawakot Hawks
2Khalid OsmanKotli Lions
3Sohail AkhterMuzzafarbad Tigers
4Qasim AkramOverseas Warriors
5Mohammad Imran JrBagh Stallions
6Mukhtar AhmedMirpur Royals

Emerging Category Draft 2022- KPL Emerging Players List

The Most Amazing Catagory f Kashmir premier league which has bundles of new talent all around Kashmir. Many names come first time in any league team owners pick this talent gracefully.

NoEmerging Player CategoryTeam Name
1Abdullah SyedKotli Lions
2Zeeshan ZameerBagh Stallions
3Kashif AliRawalakot Hawks
4Rashid NaseerOverseas Warriors
5Arsalan ArifMuzzafarabad Tigers
6Shadab MajeedMirour Royals
7Furqan ShafiqueBagh Stallions
8Danayal Allah DitaMirpur Royals
9Tahir HussainMuzzafarabad Tigers
NoEmerging Category PlayerTeam Names
10Uthman Ali KhanOverseas warriors
11Syed Hashim AliKotli lions
12Faisal AltafRawalakot Hawks
13Hassan RazaKotli lions
14Safyan MoqeemBagh Stallions
15Muhammad TahaMirpur Royals
16Zaman AhmedRawalakot Hawks
17Naveed AhmedOverseas warriors
18Inzamam Ul HaqMuzzafarabad Tiger
NoEmerging Player CategoryTeam Name
19Walled AhmedOverseas warriors
20Yasir JanKotli Lions
21Ibtisam Ul HaqMirpur Royals
22Usman ArshadMuzzafarabad Tigers
23Simiullah AfridiRawalakot Hawks
24Muhammad JunaidBagh Stallions
25Abdul RehmanKotli Lions
26Taimoor SultanMuzzafarabad Tigers
27Shahid IlyasRawalakot Hawks
28Amir SohailBagh Stallions
29Amad AlamMirpur Royals
30M Raza Ul MustafaOverseas Warriors

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Support Your KPL 2022 Team

Now Finally Team Draft of season 2 is announced and now is the time we move next and support the team and boost up. As you know KPL Begins in August Month therefore there is less time remaining and fans are more excited.

You must show your support by sharing this information with your friends. The more you share, the more KPL grows. We all make KPL successful by doing our sports.

How do you feel about your favorite team?



The Kashmir Premier League represents the marginalized community of our country to the world as a mega cricketing event. This league organizes matches in the most breathtaking and exciting venues around Pakistan so that the matches will be a cricketing spectacle.

In addition to offering the best quality cricket, the KPL endeavors to be a ray of hope for the people of Kashmir. Pakistan is facing a serious crisis at the moment, and it is crucial for KPL to create positive change through sports that bring people together. 

The people of Kashmir need high-octane entertainment. Kashmiri cricketers need a platform for showcasing their talent, which will lead to the emergence of new talent at the grassroots level.

How to watch the KPL draft live?

Kashmir Premier League (KPL) 1st Edition Players Draft 2022 event is scheduled for July 15, 2022. The draft was Live Stream On all Digital Platforms Like, PTV Sports, Geo Super, YouTube, and Facebook.

KPL T20 2022 Players Draft Live Streaming

KPL Season 2 HD Video

Here you can Youtube KPL players draft watch online live

There will be an Azad Kashmir high-performance center for players after the KPL. Before each KPL season, athletes will train at the High-Performance Center. Additionally, the KPL president informed the event about the 13-year contract with the Azad Kashmir government regarding the Muzaffarabad cricket stadium to hold the tournament annually.

Finally, the sensational draft event concluded with a commitment towards a successful inaugural season of the Kashmir Premier League. This year’s event will take place in Muzaffarabad, AJ&K, from the 6th-17th of August 2022.

KPL Registration Form 2022

The registration form is available on KPL official Website.

Category Price, Runner Up and Winner Prize Money, Players Salary and Highest Paid Players 2022

All teams categories’ price is yet to announce.


KPL history will make after this event because this is 2nd season of KPL.

Here was all about the Kashmir Premier League draft 2022.

Kashmir Premier League Draft 2022
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Kashmir Premier League Draft 2022
With a grand launch, the countdown to the first edition of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL 2022) began. In Kashmir Premier League draft 2022 Players are finalized.
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