Era Of Soccer

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Do you know what is the most popular game in the world ?? Soccer ( Football) is the most famous and popular sport in the world.

Before discussing other things come to history. According to history, it was started before 1300(b.c). In England, people started playing this game unofficially without any organized tournaments or matches. Popularity increased with time. then It spread over the whole of Europe.

It was the start of the modern era for Europe. At this time wars were a big problem, therefore, this sport hadn’t gotten as much attraction as it deserves.

After getting some modern techniques this game comes with more potential. people got crazy to play new roles. Then the government of England got interested in it. Players with good gameplay in this sport got specific popularity.

Due to this factor to got popularity urges people to play football to their full potential. After government approval, it’s played on the national level. Many players were awarded awards for playing a good game.



Nowadays when we check the popularity of the most playing outdoor games, Obviously we can’t ignore soccer which is in the number 1 position. Eleven players are required to make the soccer team. No one can touch the ball with hands and arms.

A goalkeeper has the right to touch and he should use his full efforts to stop doing goal opponent team. Other players can play with foot and headshots. Just kick and stop by legs.

This sport produces many famous personalities in the world. They influenced the world by using their popularity. Like other sports, a good player can earn good money by playing soccer. They can earn by playing the sport, promoting healthy products, and becoming a brand are beside the business.

Football is a healthy game. It will increase the stamina to struggle again and again. every part of the exercise is included in this popular sport. Many other players from other sports play football to keep fit. They play during their fitness camp because this is the guarantee of fitness.


For being a player of football you should know the rules. other than the goalkeeper no one can use hands or arms to play. They use other parts of the body. They have a specific time to get over the game. At this specific time, a team should have to win by doing maximum goals.  A team with more goals is the winner. And if both teams have the same no of goals it will be drawn.

But this rule has some exceptions. To check this whole play at the micro-level. experts have some suggestions. In the end, the referee decided the winner of the team.

No rule is specific to fix the positions of the players. But the position of a goalkeeper is fixed. His role in the team is also fixed to defend the goal. But a team leader and coaches divided the roles of players in a team.

A player with the role of a striker has to play with an aggressive attitude. The striker has to do a goal and attack the opposite team. This is the most dangerous player on this team.

A defender in a team has a role to defend his team . he should defend his goal side from the opposite. And a midfielder has to help both. he should help the striker to do the goal. He always passes through the ball to the next player on the team. If a midfielder has the fear that opponents are near to doing goal then he helps the defender by getting the ball from the opposition.

Tournaments and leagues

For this sport, many leagues are played in the world that is sponsored by different peoples. But the countries with their own teams held tournaments. A world cup holds for all the countries of the world after every four years.

When a team is representing a country it has its own jersey. But in different leagues players wears different type of jersey.

Jersey is the identity of a team, country even an individual player. As a fan of this game, I tried many jerseys. But according to my recommendation, GoGoalShop is the best and recommended option to get your desired jersey.

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